Regulatory and Legal Framework

The journal is registered in the State committee of Information Policy, Television and Radio of Ukraine as a printed periodical, registration certificate КВ № 15875-434ПР issued 02.10.2009.

Registered by Higher Attestation Board of Ukraine as vocational scientific periodical (journal) on 11.04.2001 № 5-05/4.

Re-registered by State Attestation Board of Ukraine on 11.07.2016 № 820.

The journal is included into the List of Scientific Vocational Periodicals of Ukraine (Category B, the Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №409 of March 17, 2020) in specialitity 035 Philology (specializations: Germanic Languages, Romance Languages, General Linguistics, Translatology, Comparative-historical and Typological Linguistics).

According to the requirements of State Attestation Board of Ukraine all electronic versions of the papers are made public on the journal’s web-site as well as on the official site of the National Vernadsky Library of NAS of Ukraine (07.07.2008 № 436/311).

The journal is published in accordance with the decision of Academic Board of Zaporizhzhia National University.